Satanists adore ‘politics’.

Satanists place other satanists into positions of ‘power’ on this planet.

Such malevolent ‘politicians’ have zero intention of being for the people, and every intention of pushing forward the satanic agendas.

‘Voting’ by the people is a delusion, designed to give the population only an imagined ‘power’.

As the forked tongues of the satanic move, lie after lie pour forth.

What they say, they do not mean, and what they mean, they do not say.

They play with words and with other’s minds, spinning their propaganda in alignment with their insidious agendas, always misdirecting and misleading the population with every word.

The disease that worms through their minds is evident through their verbal diarrhoea, which pours from them like an avalanche of toxic waste, contaminating and poisoning.