Satanists zealously propagate false religion, wherein Truth is replaced with blind, unfounded and illogical ‘beliefs’ and ‘faith’, designed to keep the mind in a prison.

Satanists hate Truth and thus encourage the masses to believe in anything but that which is actually True.

Exoteric false religion is used as a mass brainwashing tool, a vehicle through which lies and deception are spread to billions of humans to mislead and misdirect.

The world’s population, caged in falsity, thus believe the opposite of what is True and therefore fail to pay attention to what is actually important.

Instead of fighting against all the blatant evil in the world, false religionists ignore it, and instead spend their time ‘praying’ and ‘worshipping’, mainly through fear of ‘retribution’ if they don’t, with the intention of running off to ‘heaven’.

By thus standing down from taking real positive action in the world, by turning their backs on all the abuse, injustice, Immorality and suffering of so many, the false religionists thus condone evil through their total inaction.