A dumbed down sheeple population quickly descends, through malevolent social engineering, into a society of semiconscious degenerates, a population of puppets and golems, who worship money and ‘celebrities’, and who are obsessed with and addicted to television, electronic gadgetry, the mind-numbing social media ‘culture’, ‘sports’, sexual conquest, junk ‘food’ and an insatiable need to be ‘entertained’ with cheap ‘thrills’, with zero care for what is Right {Moral}.

As billions of golemised humans gorge themselves on a ‘product’ designed to keep them distracted, the satanists manifest, step by step, the Orwellian state, unchallenged.

A sheeple population are in this way herded down a path that leads further into hell.

It is a society of sheep, with a ‘government’ of wolves.