Under mind control a person sees themselves and the world through a filter, a coloured lens.

But a tinted view of oneself and the world is an incorrect view of oneself and the world, and it is this artificial and false veil that a real teacher, a Truly enlightened being, is able to help remove, revealing what Truly is.

This revealing of the real only occurs through speaking the Truth.

It is the power and light of Truth that destroys the darkness of deception.

It is only by speaking the Truth on this planet, at all times and in all places, and by defending Truth from the constant attack She is under, that the noise of evil’s chaos can be silenced, and justice and divine order can be established in the human social system.

That divine real order is Moral Law.

When enough people speak the Truth to others, the overall consciousness of humanity can and will rise.

When more and more people who have awoken use the power of their voice to speak the Truth on this planet to the masses who are under layers of mind control, then the future can and will be one of freedom from slavery and suffering.

The future begins in the present moment.