Satanists are deeply involved in paedophilia and child abuse, trafficking, abusing, raping, mutilating, torturing and murdering vast numbers of children every year on this planet.

There are many skeletons buried and a mountain of ash, both remnants of those sacrificed to satisfy the sadistic, sick and perverse desires of psychopaths.

These child abusers act with impunity, for they include ‘royalty’, religious ‘representatives’, ‘politicians’, police, ‘security forces’, military, media barons, ‘judges’, ‘lawyers’, pop stars, actors and all other elements within the satanic collective, all supporting one another, for they are all part of ‘the club’.

The very people whom the public believe to be their ‘authorities’ and ‘idols’ are engaged in some of the most abominable acts of atrocity imaginable, and are being allowed to get away with it, both by a corrupt ‘legal’ system and a public in denial.