Satanists use their ‘problem-reaction-solution’ technique to achieve many of their insidious goals.

It is a system of manipulation they use to get public support for an atrocity they wish to engage in, an atrocity they know would possibly get resistance from some of ‘their’ country’s population, who may be outraged by their actions.

Satanists first of all create a ‘problem’ by planning, financing and executing a ‘terrorist attack’ upon ‘their’ ‘own’ ‘citizens’, which they then blame on somebody else.

The fear-infested population then react to this ‘problem’ with outrage and demand the ‘authorities’ ‘protect’ them and retaliate against the ‘enemy’ who is ‘attacking’ them.

In this way the satanic elitists get the support of a deceived population to go and invade, rape and pillage another country, for example, which they claim is the ‘solution’ to the ‘problem’, so as to get their bloodstained hands on the oil, which was the goal all along.

Satanists thus get what they want, while the angry mob of ‘patriots’ cheer them on in their atrocities.

As they cheer on their ‘heroes’, the satanic ‘elite’ laugh at them and mock their stupidity and gullibility.